Mr Nick van Rosmalen started his own company BREEDIT in 2014. With more than 25 years of experience in plant breeding, he is a competent professional. He has always been primarily interested in creating and finding solutions. After his studies in plant breeding in Wageningen he has been breeding many varieties of Anthurium and Orchid (Phalaenopsis) for an internationally leading company. These varieties for pot plants as well for cut flowers are well-known worldwide.

Nick van RosmalenBREEDIT is doing business in breeding advice as an independent breeding consultancy in floriculture products. Specialized in the development of new varieties and improving existing varieties from vegetative propagated crops in horticulture. We develop new characteristics such as type, form and color, which are new for the market, and of course maintain existing characteristics as yield, shelf life and resistance. It is the ongoing search for surprising combinations of plant characteristics which can create a new and better variety, or even a new trend.

Nowadays innovation is the keyword to success in staying ahead in horticulture. Through breeding and developing new varieties one can distinguish oneself as a breeder or a grower in a competitive market. Wholesale trade will then find you faster and offer you a better price for your products. BREEDIT can help you with its expertise and knowledge  to breed your own varieties, on a contract basis at your own location. If you just want to start breeding, a breeding program will be projected beside your production processes, under practical test conditions. The coverage or size of the program depends on your wishes, it can be as small or as big as you desire it to be. BREEDIT stands for the professional implementation, for both growers and breeders. You could choose a complete breeding program, or mainly some partial aspects. With passion, creativity, knowledge from genetics, the market and its products we are ready to help you breed.