Breeding Schedule

In this summary you can find all different steps which are required in a complete breeding program. Tasks which are also needed are scoring descriptions, judging, analysis of the collected data and data management. Naturally we can offer you also one of these steps as a part of the whole breeding program.


  1. Collecting of genetic material.
  2. Composing a cross-breeding program based on established breeding goals.
  3. The choice of breeding parents with the best characteristics.
  4. Making of the crossings (combine the characteristics).
  5. Harvesting the seeds
  6. Selection of the offspring
  7. Judging the test clones and trial fields.
  8. Judging and propagation from the new varieties.
  9. Request of plant breeder’s rights.
  10. Quality control of varieties.
  11. Training, coaching, instruction and development of employees.